How to adjust to life after university

An Introduction to life after university…

Life after university is flipping hard! Anyone who says it isn’t the largest life adjustment they have ever experienced is either lying, or is an anomaly in the graduate world. If you are like the majority of graduates, you have moved back home with your parents, are living 100+ miles away from all the “lifelong” friends you made at university, and are having to re-adjust to the reduced freedom that comes with living with your family again. Add these difficulties to the stress of finding a job that makes your degree feel worthwhile, contributing enough to your savings to make the dream of owning a house appear at least slightly realistic, and trying to decide what path you want to go down for the next 40 years, you’re left with a seemingly never-ending string of expectations. My advice to you? Don’t panic! 

How to cope with the stress?!

When everything is at it’s most daunting it is important to take everything step by step and realise you are the only person putting pressure on yourself. The chances are your friends and family understand it won’t be possible for you to land on your feet and have all your s**t together within the first 12, even 24 months following your graduation and you need to realise that too. When your income may currently be minuscule or even non-existent do not worry about putting huge amounts away for a mortgage deposit. If you can put anything aside then great, however small, something is better than nothing! These Money Saving Expert tips are a perfect starting point when it comes to graduate finance and Dr. Martin Lewis is currently far better placed to advise you on these.

The headache that is graduate jobs

As as graduate it’s obvious you will be looking for a job; yet another delight you will experience in life after university! I expected the first graduate job I got would be my lifelong career, providing me with all the income I could desire, and would surround me with the best co-workers I could ever hope for. It is safe to say, I came crashing back to reality within my first week! I had a pretty easy ride into a grad job, and I am happy to admit it was pure fluke but I will cover this in another post.

Finding a graduate job is a hard, and is probably one of the most demoralising things you ever have to do, but there are ways to make it slightly easier. I have written a post on how to get a graduate job focusing on where you should look and what you can do to improve your applications, which if you are currently struggling may be worth a read. I also aim to post on other areas of graduate posts so bear with me and keep an eye out!

Moving back in with family – the headaches and the happiness

When I returned home full time to live with my family, I found it tough! I felt like all my freedom had gone, I was no longer able to wander around the place being as noisy as I wanted at all hours of the day/night and I struggled with having to tell someone where I was going and when I would be home. Talking to other graduates, I know I am not alone with this struggle. You have to arrange to be home for dinner time, and be far more aware of those you are living with and I found this a huge shock. As time has gone by, I have learned once again to send a text or leave a note and I am slowly adjusting back to life at home but it has not been easy.

I shall cover this topic more in-depth and cover tips on how to handle the lifestyle adjustment in a separate post as this one is getting far too long!


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